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Neighborhoods United


The Neighborhoods United (NU) program aims to serve young men between the ages of 14 and 30 who have been involved in or are at risk of being involved in neighborhood violence. Our program participants live in historically marginalized communities and experience instability in their lives because of it. NU aims to uplift and empower participants by providing them with the resources and support they deserve. NU is run by our “Life Coaches”, men who come from the same background as our youth and understand them and the challenges they face. Life Coaches offer participants workshops on economic empowerment, restorative practices, community stewardship, career exploration, positive sense of self, mental/physical wellness and more. NU also provides participants support with meeting basic needs including food and hygiene kits.

Over the past 3 years, we have helped place youth in over 100 jobs through our Neighborhoods United program including jobs in construction, community engagement, tech/engineering, law enforcement, and more.

Program Components

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1:1 Mentorship
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Group Workshops
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Career Exposure
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Field Trips
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Basic Needs Support

Program Highlights

What Our Participants Say

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